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My Foster Dogs

Here are the dogs I have fostered and are now in their own homes with new families.

Jaeger and Moose - my first foster dogs, both Siberian Huskies and they were brothers. Really sweet and affectionate.

Jaeger and Moose

Tundra - Another good boy, a Woolly Malamute.


Misty - A Siberian mix and a really sweet girl.


Taz - A red and white Siberian, a real character. Ended up back at the shelter and never picked up we placed him again, but was found with someone other than the person we adopted out to, and taken away from them for abuse. We placed him yet again and the new parents seem very happy with him.


Tonka - A Mal mix, great dog played well with all dogs, a little mouthy with people but very affectionate.
Ended up being returned to a shelter by his adopting parents, I thought he had been euthanized and was very upset about that, but it turned out someone adopted him from the shelter, (not sure why they told us otherwise), and so far he is doing very well with his new family.


Kodi- A 5 month old Malamute puppy, he was HUGE for his age. Really sweet puppy. Saw him recently he is a huge boy, still a sweet puppy. His new parents are very happy with him


Summit - A 1 year old Husky/something mix, really a huggable and kissey dog, loved to sleep on top of you all night! and cuddle up to you.


Kiva/Chloe - A 3 year old Siberian, very sweet and affectionate, needed to learn how to play and just be loved. Kiva

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Posted by wolfmanjm on Aug 18, 2007

Rescue and Fostering

Recently I started helping a couple of rescue groups in my area BASH and MUSH.

I foster Huskies and Malamutes.

I have to say this is incredibly rewarding, even though it is really hard to let the fosters go, and can be quite stressful figuring out if the potential adopter is right for the dog.

So far I have fostered 6 dogs, and all have been adopted out.

I think it helps that I already have 4 dogs of my own and know I simply can’t cope with more on a long term basis. So keeping them is out of the question.

If you can do this I highly recommend it.

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Posted by wolfmanjm on Aug 02, 2007