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Dog Parks

I love off-leash dog parks, with the number of dogs I have I guess that is obvious. They get a lot more exercise at the dog park than if I walk them, plus they seem to enjoy it a lot more.

Unfortunately in my area (South Bay), dogs are a low priority, there are only about 6 or 7 dog parks in the entire South Bay, and many of those are not really worth visiting, they are either poorly maintained, or tiny.

The City Park planners have tried to get approval to build more dog parks locally, but all the plans have been nixed one way or another, Usually people who live close by complain for one reason or another. I think this is really selfish of them.

If a totally unused or under utilized park has been ear marked for a dog park out they come, trying to save the park! A small minority of people, even though they don’t live near enough to the park to be affected by the noise or the parking, they find some idiotic excuse to nix the project. Like recently some local chap decides he doesn’t want a dog park any where near him, so he comes up with a lame excuse – it is a danger to the kids going to the local school. What a joke, this is a totally enclosed dog park, less dangerous than what happens now, when people let their dogs off leash when it isn’t enclosed. The problem is the local park commission bought the argument and indefinitely postponed the decision to build the dog park.

They built a Kid park right behind my house, they didn’t ask me, it affects me directly because of the noise, my tax dollars go to building it, but when we want something my tax dollars can be spent on that I can actually use, oh no! I pay for this guys kids to go to school! I pay for his kids sports facilities, but he gets to decide that I cannot have a place to let my dogs legally run around off leash in (me and a few hundred other dog lovers!). Whatever happened to democracy and majority rules? I don’t have kids, yet I have to pay for other peoples kids facilities, my dogs are my kids so what about them?

I know many people will be offended by me comparing my dogs to their kids, but then my dogs are smarter than their Honor Student

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Posted by wolfmanjm on Sep 22, 2006