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Vushki RIP

Vushki was my Big Puppy. Sweetest dog, he loved everyone. He was not the healthiest dog I have had, he suffered from several ailments IBD, SLO amongst others. I managed to control the IBD with pumpkin Puree daily, and the SLO was mostly in remission. He had a stroke in November 2017, and a torn cruciate ligament about a year later. He did recover from the stroke, and he had TPLO surgery for the ligament.

He was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy a few months before he passed, he declined pretty quickly in the last few months although I think he had it before we left the US (he started to lose control of is poop just before we left, which got progressively worse). In the end he couldn’t stand up or walk, and his quality of life was not good, rather than let him suffer I had the vet visit to put him to sleep. He went very quietly.

I’ll miss my big Puppy. Love you Vushki.

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Posted by morris on Feb 20, 2020