Miscellaneous Dog Pictures

Dedicated to My Dogs Past, Present and Future

Sophie learned from McQuaid about the joys of chewing
Sophie in her favorite spot, on top of the Table
Grant, being a husky knows how to make himself comfortable

He is blind, but he can still see

Sophie in her den
She looks like such a good girl!! However she has destroyed almost everything she can get her teeth into!
Are you quite comfy?
Yes Thanks!
Hey Blue Eyes!
Cody2.jpg (11395 bytes)
Hey! Where do I sleep?
Well, My job here is done!
(The yard looks even worse now!)
Who's afraid of who?
Boy, It's a dog's life! Nothing on TV
My Bone!!
I'm Soooo Cute!
I submit!
Ouch!! Hey Dad look at those Teeth!
'Cade doing what he loves best in the whole world... Chewing!!
I don't have big ears!
Look at those eyes!
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