Photos of Sophie

Sophie was a stray, rescued by some nice people, who took good care of her until she found a home. She seems very affectionate although a little wary of new people. She got on reasonable well with Cody and ‘Cade, although she did try to bully Cody a bit, however she was totally subservient to ‘Cade, which was odd as ‘Cade was subservient to Cody!

She adores Grant though and pulls him around by the scruff of his neck all the time :)

She passed away on Oct 22, 2012. She was around 17 years old. She will be greatly missed

Sophie learned from McQuaid about the joys of chewing
Sophie in her favorite spot, on top of the Table
She looks like such a good girl!! 
However she has destroyed almost everything 
she can get her teeth into!

Sophie Decided to dig a den


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