Photos of Shadow

I adopted Shadow after he had been adopted out to a family that did not fit for him.

He and I were very attached, he was my heart dog. He made me adapt my life to him once I got him, and we started to walk everyday with the pack rather than go to the dog park. (He violently hated unfixed male dogs, especially unfixed huskies, so dog parks became an issue). He preferred the walks anyway and would start to bug me an hour or so before the walk to make sure I remembered to take him. He was very fussy about going in and out when ever he wanted o I added a dog door so he could go outside anytime he wanted rather than wake me up :) He basically trained me :)

He passed very suddenly after our afternoon walk, while he was playing with Nikko. He fell over, yelped and was gone.

He had been diagnosed with cancer nearly 4 years ago, and was given a guarded prognosis. The tumor was removed, and luckily did not reappear until a few years later, when another one was found and also removed. He survived those, but then 2 yeas ago he developed tumors in both anal sacks, they were removed, but one had spread a little. That was what eventually got him I think. A few weeks ago an ultrasound showed that his lymph nodes in that area were very enlarged and putting pressure on his bowels, so he found it very hard to poop. I was feeding him boiled chicken to reduce the amount of stool, and some stool softener to help. I am not sure what happened, but it was fast.

I will miss him terribly.