Wolf Art

For info on how to get any of the following pictures or cards see Credits

The following is my favorite art by Marguerite Fields, I have a lot of her pictures which usually have a Native American motif of some sort
"A Tear for Tomorrow" "Last Farewell"
This is my all time favorite, "A Tear for Tomorrow", I have the full size print, a couple of smaller prints, 2 tea shirts and a refrigerator Magnet... Yes I like this one! Another Favorite, I have a large print and a magnet and a small print.


This next one is from June Payne Hart, I have a couple of her prints.
"First Taste of Winter"


These are from cards either from The Defenders of Wildlife, or from The National Wildlife Federation Buying these cards is effectively donating to these worthwhile organisations.
Defenders of Wildlife
Defenders of Wildlife
wolfonrock.jpg (7432 bytes)
Defenders of Wildlife
National wildlife federation

Defenders of Wildlife
babywolf.jpg (11331 bytes)

A coyote for a change. Defenders of Wildlife
Defenders of Wildlife
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more baby wolves.jpg (14572 bytes)
wolfpups2.jpg (11269 bytes) "Whispering Snow" by Janis Wheeler
Defenders of Wildlife


This one is a postcard available from The Alaskan Wildlife Alliance (10 for $5)
wolfpups.jpg (10749 bytes)


This one is a crystal arrowhead from The Hamilton Collection, called "Piercing the Night"




Marguerite Fields, Artist
The Gallery (408) 739-8234 www.thegallery-ca.com
June Payne Hart, Artist
Art from the Hart, 928-282-1741 www.junepaynehart.com 
Defenders of Wildlife, Wildlife preservation
(202) 659-9510 www.defenders.org
Earthshine, Preservation
(707) 838-4252
Guardians of Wildlife
(703) 670-0159 Guardians of Wildlife Webpage
National Wildlife federation, Conservation
The Alaskan Wildlife Alliance
(907) 277-0897. PO Box 202022, Anchorage, Alaska, 99520-2022
The Hamilton Collection
4810 Executive park Ct., P.O. Box 40985, Jacksonville, FL 32203-9909